Our experts and craftsmen offer a wide range of services.  We have an onsite workshop where we can repair your jewellery, create stunning new pieces of jewellery and restore your loved items.  We also offer a bespoke design service in which we can design and make anything your heart desires.  Below is a small description of the services we can offer you.



For your valuable jewellery items we recommend bringing them to us and having them cleaned every so often. Whilst cleaning them for you we can also check that your diamonds and precious gemstones are secure and safe, we will recommend any repairs needed during this process. This is a free of charge service we offer to all our customers.


Polishing & Refurbishing 

All jewellery needs a bit of care and attention from time to time, we offer the services of polishing and restoring your cherished items.  We can refurbish your heirlooms so that they look like brand new pieces or we can just give your newer items a polish and make them gleam!



As our lives change our rings may also need some change, fingers can change size as we loose weight, gain weight, through pregnancy and for other reasons.  Resizing a ring can be a simple process even with the most tricky designs, visit us with your ring and we can discuss your options.



We can repair all types of jewellery, from a broken chain to a cracked ring!  If you have any repairs fell free to bring them and in we can have a look and quote the repair cost.



Diamonds and gemstones can be set in various metals, after time metal can wear away which makes your precious stones vulnerable.  To ensure your stones are safe we can check that your metal is not too worn away and advise if any work is needed.  Claws can be re-tipped and restored to their original glory.


Stone Replacement

Unfortunately sometimes diamonds and gemstones may come loose and go missing, we can replace any type of stone and secure any other stones.



To add a special and personalised touch to a gift we can engrave any message onto most items of jewellery.



Silver jewellery can be plated in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.  We also recommend having your white gold and platinum jewellery rhodium plated to keep that beautiful white shine to your pieces.


Re-Stringing Pearls

We offer a re-stringing service for pearl bracelets and necklaces.


Watch Repairs

We have an excellent watch maker who can assist with all types of watch repairs for all brands of watches.


Below is a list of watch services we offer;

Battery Replacements

Battery Replacements with Resealing



Strap Repairs and New Straps

Glass Replacements



If you have any other types of repairs or any questions please contact us on 020 8449 6644 or email us at