Jewellery Care



Once you have purchased your special piece of jewellery from V Jewellers, make sure it stays in good condition. We invite you to visit us anytime at our store for our complimentary jewellery cleaning service.  We will clean out your jewellery and whilst we are doing so we will also check over your items and make sure everything is still perfect.  If we see that any repairs are needed we will then recommend this for you.


Below is some information and advice of how to look after your jewellery.


When applying perfumes and beauty products it is advised that you take your jewellery off as these types of products can get into your settings and it will appear as if your jewellery is dirty.  These products can also discolour gemstones and affect the shine on your metal.


Try not to wear your jewellery when cleaning as the chemicals from bleach and other cleaning products can affect your jewellery.  


Chlorine from swimming pools can also affect your jewellery we therefore recommend that you do not wear your jewellery whilst swimming.


When storing your jewellery try to store each item separately to avoid your items being scratched by each other.  


Any items with a chain should be fastened and stored flat, we always recommend putting chains in a small grip seal bag with one small piece hanging out of the top, this stops them from getting tangled.


Insurance is very important for your jewellery and watches. Some items may be covered under your home insurance but higher value items may need to have separate  insurance. We have a specialist jewellery company that we recommend to our customers.  For more information just ask one of our sales professionals.


If you have any queries please contact us on 020 8449 6644 or email us at