We understand that your jewellery or watch is important to you and naturally you want to protect it. A professional valuation from V Jewellers is invaluable for insurance and could even help recover lost or stolen items.


To ensure you are fully covered, an insurance company will ask for proof of ownership and a professional valuation of the item you want covered. More often than not an insurance company will also ask for a detailed description of the item. Receiving a valuation from V Jewellers will enable you to have all the appropriate paperwork to ensure your item is fully covered.


Hopefully you will never have to make a claim for lost or damaged goods, but in the event that you do, we can offer some peace of mind by having a valuation. This is a simple and secure process, all you would need to do is bring your item to us along with any paperwork or Certificate you may have and we will valuate your item and give you the written valuation.


We would also recommend you take photos of your jewellery and watches whilst wearing them, this can be used as proof for your insurance in case of a claim.


Our final recommendation would be that you bring in your valuable jewellery to be checked and cleaned every now and then.  This can help to ensure that your diamonds and precious stones are secure, we can check over your items while you wait.


If you have any queries regarding valuing your precious items please contact us on 020 8449 6644 or email us at